Resources to discover SCANeR

:arrow_left: 3. Linux workspace

Validate the new SCANeR workspace for Linux before running it on HPC

Performing local tests will confirm that you did not miss anything before running Massive a Simulation.
It’s easy, simply run your test cases with SCANeR compute. To do so, run

SCANeRcompute -c COMPUTE_HPC -s out -d ADAS --slice 1/60

We add the --slice argument to run only 1 test case, if one is running, that means that our SCANeR workspace is set up.
Here are the results you should get:

Getting the result: Execution is successful means that you did a great job and you’re now ready for Massive Simulation!

The method to run SCANeR compute on HPC architecture for Massive Simulation applications is the exact same 😊

Here is a list of the remaining actions on your side: (we also offer services on demand to assist you with the deployment of SCANeR)

The SCANeR Standalone method supports all container solutions (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes). Ask us for details 😉

:arrow_right: 5. Analyze