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How to install SCANeR

This guide will walk you through the installation process for SCANeR.


If you don’t have a SCANeR studio installer yet, check out Download the evaluation version of SCANeR.

The installation of SCANeR requires full administrator privileges.

Install SCANeR

Installer: Welcome

Installer: License agreement

Installer: Choose Components

Info: Items include simulation data, configuration files, APIs samples and dependencies for the licensing system, sound and video management.

Installer: Install Location

Note: We recommend installing SCANeR studio on a different disk than the operating system (e.g. D: instead of C:).

Installer: Share Folder

Info: SCANeR can utilize a multi-machine configuration on any architecture (workstation, simulator, HiL, Cloud) as long as all nodes (PC or VM) are on the same local network.

Installer: Environment Variable

The environment variable is required for SCANeR studio to work.

Installer: Start Menu

Installer: Installing

Installer: Complete

Installation is finished

Congratulations, SCANeR is now installed and ready to run!


The SCANeR Trial installer includes an automatic 45 day license.

:arrow_right: First launch